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Meidear PCB specialises in smart,quick, simple PCB solutions – we're always one step ahead in technology and innovation with the finest technical capability that Meidear has to offer all world customers.

What Can Meidear Do

Features Availability
Rigid PCB (Single Sided, Double Sided & Multilayer-upto 26 layers) Yes
Flexible PCB (Single, Double and Multilayer) Yes
Metal Core PCB (Aluminium and Copper substrate) Yes
Finger PCB Yes
UL approved PCBs (100%) & ISO accreditation Yes
High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB Yes
RoHS Finish (Lead-FREE HASL, Immersion Silver, Immersion Gold and Immersion Tin) Yes
OSP (Organic Surface Protection) Yes
High Tg laminate Yes
Blind & Burried Vias Yes
Impedance Control Yes
Electrolytic GOLD Plating (i.e. GOLD tabs for edge connectors) Yes
Edge Plating Yes
Carbon Printing Yes
Jump Scoring* Yes
Depth Routing* Yes
Countersunk Holes Yes
Plugged Vias Yes