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Immersion silver surface treatment PCB

Item No.: FR4-01
FR4  2L  Immersion silver surface treatment
ultra-thin  ultra-thin line
Green soldermask
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What is the technology of Immersion silver surface treatment?

Immersion silver is treated by silver leaching process, and a thin (0.1-0.4ym) silver protective film is deposited on the copper surface.
The copper surface is sealed by silver, which greatly prolongs its life.

During the welding process, silver will melt into the molten solder paste and form Cu / Sn intermetallic compound on the welding surface like HASL and OSP. The coplanarity of silver impregnated surface is very good, and there is no conductive barrier like OSP, but when it is used as a contact surface (such as key surface), its strength is not as good as gold.

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FR4  2L  Immersion silver surface treatment
ultra-thin  ultra-thin line
Green soldermask 
high-end 2L PCB Manufacturer in shenzhen
Czech Republic pcb
Italy pcb OEM
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