Extra Thin FR4 PCB

0.4mm Thin PCB

Item No.: E00125
Layers:  2L
Board Thickness :  0.4mm
size: 150*148mm / 25up
Copper Thickness:  1Oz
Surface Finishing:  ENIG
Min finished holes size:  0.2mm
Min trace Width / Space;  5mil /5mil
Certificate:  UL, ISO9001, ROHS.SGS,CQC
0.4mm Thin PCB


Extra Thin Printed Circuit Board

This extra thin printed circuit means the thickness of printed circuit board is more thin than normal PCB. For most of FR4 PCB, Min thickness is 0.4mm, whatever it is 1L or 2L. For 4L, it will be more about 0.6mm.

But sometimes, limited to space or margin, or needed by design purpose, people needs extra thin such as 0.2mm, or 0.15mm board, so that PCB can be used in such as SIM card, sensor card, and so on.

For extra thin PCB, mepcb can make it at 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, with or without the soldermask.

Product Category:Extra Thin Printed Circuit Board
Finished Board Dimension:30*30mm
Layer/Board Thickness:2L /0.4mm
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold,1U"/ ENIG(1u")
Special Technique:Thin Thickness
Application Fields:Industrial Control  sensor card and so on

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