Multilayer PCB

Bare copper pcb No Soldermask Board Thickness 2.0mm pcb Meidear

Bare copper pcb
No Soldermask
Board Thickness 2.0mm pcb
Heavy copper 4Oz
PCB fabrication
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Bare-PCB FR4 Custom PCB Prototype Fabrication |  Shenzhen Meidear


We supply bare printed circuit boards provided to you our clients. 

Single-Sided board
Double-sided board
Multilayer board (4 to 24 layers)
Solder Mask Over Bare Copper Process
Lead-free HASL Process
Solder Mask over Tin & Lead Fuse Process
Peelable Mask Process
Selective Gold Processper process
Carbon Contact Processss gold process
Liquid Photo-imageable Solder Mask Processfuse process

We can provide prototype quantities up to mass production.
We can build boards to virtually any specification - single-side, multi-layer, RoHS compliant, BGA, carbon contact. We can deliver your boards to fit your production schedule, whether you need them in days or weeks.