Low Cost Prototype PCB - 24 Hour Fast Turnarounds‎

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Low Cost Prototype PCB - 24 Hour Fast Turn around
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Prototypes, prototypes, prototypes...

Early prototyping is key to reducing development costs....
In the development of new products, fast iterations are required. 

One of the most important parts of the hardware development, especially when we talk about complex boards with powerful SOCs as the core of the devices.

Main reasons meidear PCB thinks are:
-- validating the existing design, tweak and tune if necessary (for the complex boards we usually estimate 2-3 design iterations);
-- making sure the board fits the enclosure design, tweaking it if needed;
-- validating all the peripherals;
-- software/firmware testing and debugging (the target hardware is important to have at this stage).
-- preparing case studies with some nice pics for the company portfolio.

What is PCB Prototypes? What does it do?

With the rapid development of electronic technology, it also brings more room for development of technology. At the same time, the technical requirements brought about by the advanced design and structure have put new PCB companies under heavy pressure on the basic equipment budget. We know that a complete electronic product is formed after layers of processing. So what is the purpose of PCB sample?

1. Quality
When buyers choose a printd circuit board company, they pay special attention to the quality of the circuit board.
The choice of PCB board material, the use of ink, equipment and the rigor of employees will affect the final quality of the circuit board. The designed circuit board needs to be manufactured by the circuit board manufacturing company. From the first process of the circuit board production to the final process quality inspection, each process of PCB board proofing must be implemented in accordance with a strict production process. Each process must be equipped with corresponding detection and testing equipment, these process parameters and equipment can guarantee the stability of the PCB quality of the circuit board.

At MeidearPCB, we always aim to set high standards!

2. Lead Time
Nowadays, most purchasing friends have experienced such a situation: PCB board's promised delivery of PCB board has been delayed again and again, and there are various reasons for delaying delivery. Many customers want to do PCB clapper. The quick PCB proofing process is very cumbersome. If the manufacturer fails to carry out strict management and control from the order to the completion of production, then its production efficiency is likely to be in a low state. On the contrary, only through strict process management during the production process can PCB companies greatly improve production efficiency and ensure delivery speed.

Meidear PCB's service is one-on-one, timely and effective feedback of production progress.

3. Price
Purchasing friends are also concerned about the price of PCB board proofing to a certain extent. In the circuit board industry, prices vary, so purchasing friends cannot determine whether high prices equal high quality. The conventional factors that affect the price of the circuit board are the number of layers, board thickness, material, order quantity, surface treatment process, copper foil thickness, ink color, line width and spacing, min aperture, delivery time, etc. Due to factors such as PCB material, production process, difficulty, customer demand, region, payment method, manufacturer, etc., PCB circuit board process costs are different. In addition, PCB buyers must pay attention to when choosing a circuit board manufacturing company. Choose from the perspective of price, but to compare the strength of the circuit board Co., Ltd., approximate product quotation, and service items.

Meidear provide competitive prices.
We do not fight for price, we only fight for value.

4. PCB Production Process
Since PCB board prototypes can also be carried out with a variety of different processes, in addition to paying attention to finding a professional circuit board proofing manufacturer, it is also important to approve the proofing process used by the manufacturer to ensure that the manufacturer's process configuration To meet the requirements of the company's circuit board design and manufacturing, in addition to flying samples can be tested after prototyping.

As a professional PCB circuit board supplier, Shenzhen Meidear Co., Limited focuses on high-end and high-precision double-sided / multi-layer circuit boards, HDI boards, thick copper boards, blind buried via boards, high-frequency circuit boards, Al-based PCB, Metal-core PCB, CEM-1, CEM-3.

PCB sample and small and medium batch Board manufacturing.

Now make a prototype of your products.
Please contact Meidear company if you need further information or assistance, we are happy to help you.

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