Aluminium-based PCB

What's the Aluminum PCB?

Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards
Aluminum clad
aluminum base
Thermally conductive PCBs
Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards Contain a Thin Layer of Thermally Conductive Dielectric Material that Transfers Heat

There are many names for these products; Aluminum clad, aluminum base, Metal clad printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), Insulated Metal Substrate(IMS or IMPCB), Thermally conductive PCBs, etc… but they all mean the same thing and perform the same way.

LED PCB boards tend to generate large amounts of heat, making it difficult to be cooled in the traditional way. As a result, metal core PCBs are often used for LED applications because of their enhanced heat dissipation capacity. In particular, aluminum is commonly used to manufacture circuit boards for LED lamps. 

Advantages of Aluminum PCB

Excellent thermal conductively
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent machining performance
Excellent Shielding of electromagnetic waves
Excellent cost performance

We offer a variety of LED PCB products: 
high-power LED aluminum PCB
copper-based PCB
ceramic-based PCB for FR4 PCB low-power LED, 
high-temperature aluminum PCB. 

Because aluminum PCB has good heat dissipation performance, it is often adopted for manufacturing high-power LED products.

1. Audio device: Input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, pre-amplifier, power amplifier.
2. Power Supply: Switching regulator, DC / AC converter, SW regulator, etc.
3. Communication electronic equipment: High-frequency amplifier, filtering appliances, transmitter circuit
4. Office automation equipment: Motor drive, etc.
5. Automobile: Electronic regulator, ignition, power supply controller, etc.
6. Computer: CPU board, floppy disk drive, power supply devices, etc.
7. Power Modules: Inverter, solid state relays, rectifier bridges.
8. Lamps and lighting: As the advocated promotion of energy-saving lamps, a variety of colorful energy-saving LED lights are well received by the market, and aluminum pcb used in LED lights also begin large-scale applications.

For Lighting:
Outdoor Lighting
Home Lighting
Car Lighting
Electronic machinery Lighting
commercial Lighting
Indoor Lighting

If you are a LED manufacturer or if you would like to produce some special LEDs (such as outdoor LED screens), please contact us and we will provide you with the perfect solution for your products.

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